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The Cameron Park Mini Moto Championship 2016 has been run and won last ANZAC Day long weekend. Chris Lawler (GRC RR, BZM, #83) claimed the Senior GP50 trophy with Corey Stevens (BMS P3, IAME, #64) and Daniel Porteous (GRC RR, BZM, #69) claiming the third place trophy.
Friday's practice & qualifying saw great weather greet the day and lasted well into the afternoon until a cool change brought temps down.
Tony Vella (DM, IAME, #34) led Chris Lawler in Q1 early then Chris hit back to take the top time until Tony came back and claimed pole by 1/10th second. The lap record remains 1:01.167.
Track temps went down significantly by the time Q2 came around and caught out Christopher Law (GRC RRz3, CS Factory, #70) at Turn 1 when he missed the brake marker and touched the rear wheel of the rider in front sending him down the road at high speed. Fortunately Chris recovered but medical assistance is mandatory and the session was red flagged until Chris could be checked over. Time ticked away meaning Q2 was not restarted and Q1 times remained for grid positions for Saturday's Race 1.
Saturday morning was wet, wet wet. This meant that the wet race policy was now required. The rider briefing saw many perplexed riders trying to decide what to do. As of 9:00 it was wet. Wet tyres were made available for those who wanted them, however the wet policy states that 30min before the scheduled race the Competition Director will declare wet or dry and competitors will be given 1.5hrs to change to wet settings and an extra 30 min practice.The track managed to dry out except for two corners with some standing water which was swept and at 10:30 Race 1 was declared dry much to everyone's relief.
Four solid races then took place with some fallers and many improved performances. By Race 2 Chris Lawler & Corey Stevens were even with a win each. Chris Lawler then took out Race 3 & Race 4 to claim top honours. Corey was being challenged by Sean Ambrosius in Race 4 who got pastDaniel Porteous for third place but Corey held on to 2nd place. Local ridersTodd Amos and Aidan Baker were having a nice battle throughout the meeting.
Overall the atmosphere was great with a few interested spectators coming down for a look and everyone had an enjoyable meeting despite some bumps & bruises suffered by falls but no one was seriously injured. This is a great aspect of minimoto for those concerned about safety.
Mini Moto Racing extend many thanks to those who travelled from Victoria, Queensland and Sydney to support this meeting and look forward to Xtreme Karting hosting the Qld Mini Moto Championship 2016 on 1st July on the Gold Coast. Members, book your entry here.
Thanks also to Peter Hird for some fantastic photographic work and NKRC for keeping the facilities available in good order.
Mini Moto Racing.

Come & Try continues to be popular for those interested in gaining some experience before committing. The next Come & Try is fully booked for May 13th but there is a waitlist. The next one will be on June 10th at Cameron Park so keep an eye on the events page both here and on Facebook.

The Come & Try Concept will also be expanding to QLD and VIC in the coming months followed by SA. The Mini Moto Racing Riding School plan is also under development. More information to come about this new development.

Call us (0419265946) or email today about becoming a member of Mini Moto Racing in 2016 and beyond.

About Mini Moto

Mini moto is about junior and senior enthusiasts having fun. It has a few distinct advantages over any other machine for your young riders and in particular novice riders.

Machine weight - < 20kg

Junior Power plant – 2-stroke air-cooled governed engine which can be de-restricted and easily upgraded as skill and confidence grows (4.2hp to 10hp). Pro-level machines are around 16hp suitable for expert level riders.

Simplicity – centrifugal clutch, front and rear brakes are operated on the handlebars.

Price & quality – new European made machines are available ready to ride or race from $2399 from our sponsors

A 12 month license is $165. 6 month and 3 month are also available here.

Spare parts and maintenance – our sponsors fully support all makes and models which they supply.

Fun – Watch the complete novice start from a wobbly first lap and increasingly grow their confidence lap by lap.

Safety – Being very low to the ground reduces the impact of the unavoidable ‘get-off’

Controlled environment – Go kart circuits are ideal tracks for the scale and power of mini-moto

Skills development – the basic skills of riding a motorcycle are easily learnt and mastered without the complications of foot operated brakes, gears and clutches. These higher level skills are built upon the foundations learnt from mini moto. A proven philosophy as most current MotoGP racers had their start with a mini-moto.

Storage & Transportation – No large garage or trailer is necessary. A mini-moto and all tools can simply fit into the boot of even a small-medium sized SUV/hatchback or wagon greatly reducing the need for peripheral equipment. Live in a flat? Well your mini-moto wont take up much space and can also be a great talking point!

Where to ride & race – Mini Moto racing is expanding its list of mini moto friendly go-kart circuits Australia wide. Some are even book and ride. See the calendar for events in your area or interstate. One license for everyone everywhere.

Administration – all administration tasks are handled online from one website. All license holders can access their accounts at any time, book for any event and be kept up to date with a regular newsletter and also with a Facebook page.


Mini Moto Racing is committed to the development of junior racers. Juniors can ride any Mini Moto Racing event.

Junior Categories from 1st July 2015

J1 – 7yo to 9yo

Limited to CAG or 40cc FIM Junior engines, exhaust and junior tyres

J2 – 10yo to 12yo

Limited to 40cc +18mm carburettor and open to slick tyres


Limited to 50cc +15mm carburettor and open to slick tyres

J3 – 13yo to 16yo

Senior specifications
Mini moto offers a particularly ideal start to motorcycle road racing fun for juniors. The bikes are made with juniors in mind and offer easy to operate controls. If your junior is able to ride a bicycle, then they are ready to ride mini moto.
Junior specification engines are recommended for all juniors and with 20 years experience Mini Moto Racing endeavours to support all juniors from their very first ride up until they are able to transition to bigger and faster machines.
For a safe and easy introduction to the world of mini moto please call 0419265946 or email info@mini-moto-racing.com

Riding & Racing

NSW - Cameron Park

NSW - Foxico

NSW - 3rd facility TBA

QLD - Archerfield

QLD - Xtreme Karting TBC

SA - Barossa

VIC - South Morang


NSW should have a third track available soon - still in progress.

Hopeful of securing a second track in SA & VIC in the next few months - still in progres.

Donation goal

Collected: $0.00
Goal: $1,000.00
Your donation is much appreciated.

Please feel free to make a donation and help the sport grow. Donations will be used to further develop young talent. Any amount is welcome.

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